The Last Time You Updated Your Proposition

business proposition

When was the last time you updated your proposition? A considerable amount of companies create their propositions in the very early days of the business lifecycle, and then, if they seem to be working, they leave them and don’t update them despite the changes in the macro and micro economic environment.

Don’t hesitate, especially if your target audience is so called millennials; it’s worth having a thorough look to see whether yours is millennial enough as many are perceived out-of-date by the above mentioned audience. The last time you updated your proposition may well be before many of them were born!

In addition to that, ensure that you’re being digitally savvy! If you hear about a new app or social platform that’s being released, see if that could be added to your digital toolbox. There’s no harm in trying and experimenting, especially if it’s free.

Alternatively, embrace your creative side – social media platforms are fantastic places for you to create a buzz or at least raise awareness of your brand, and being creative is key! There are plenty of ways to do that; whether it’s a witty tweet that consists of a pun on a popular topic that contains your brand name, or a video on Facebook that shows you and your employees enjoying yourselves at work – it can be anything!

But don’t forget to aim all of the messaging, starting from the proposition to social media communications, at your target audience.