The B2B Sales Process Is Much Slower

the B2B sales process is much slower

In contrast to the typical consumer journey of a low-involvement product, the B2B sales process is much slower, more similar to that of a high-involvement product, with huge emphasis on relationship nurturing.

Even though it may seem like extensive amounts of work and investment of resources from you and your team, it all becomes relatively easy once everyone is on the same boat and fully understanding the process a potential customer is going through from an initial contact to a sale.

Sales slide framework: how it works

Have you heard of a “sales funnel”? It is a process through which prospective customers progress through various stages of the sales cycle. These stages are defined as “raw leads”, “marketing qualified leads”, “sales qualified leads”, “opportunities” and finally – “customers”.

Through our extensive experience in spotting and providing excellent opportunities to our clients, we have discovered a more streamlined and effective way to approach the sales funnel – turning it into a slide. The power of the slide is centred on three extra steps, built on Manifests specialist expertise: “extensive data collection”, “special databases” and “on-going outreach”, these work to complement each and every step in a typical standard sales funnel, adding value where it matters most.

The most important part: the foundations

As Manifest are experts in the above mentioned three processes, one thing we always remind our clients of is that there have to be strong, effective foundations in order to optimise the sales process. To spot and successfully catch the opportunities, it’s very important for your agency to have a great “marketing footprint”. To help ensure this is the case, we also help our clients by stepping in as a neutral bystander, detecting your strengths as an agency and what you can work to improve. This is central to our mantra – your inbound, our outbound – better together!

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