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Manifest works with advertising, PR, digital, consulting and technology firms globally. Our role is to help them grow through new client acquisition.

Working closely with you we will identify your ideal customer profile; those companies who are in the perfect sectors, in the right location, with the right size budgets. We will then talk to you about the symptoms your prospects are likely to be showing that indicate they have a problem you can help them fix..

Our team will then research each company thoroughly and choose the right person to contact. ALICE™️ will then identify suitable topics of engagement so we can delight and amaze your prospect with our knowledge of their company.

Finally those contacts who show interest will be called by us (white labeled as a member of your business) to qualify the opportunity and arrange for you to meet them.

  • an Experienced Team

    Our team have been with us for an average of eight years and have all previously worked in an agency, technology or other professional service business. They are simply the best you will find. Anywhere.

  • knowing who to target ...

    We have the tech stack and knowledge to help you identify the companies that fit your ideal customer profile and apply firmographic filters to then identify those on the cusp of buying what you provide.

  • ... HOW TO REACH THEM ...

    We have direct lines, business mobile numbers and email addresses for the vast majority of the people we need to contact and use ALICE™️ to craft individually tailored, bespoke, emails.

  • ... and how to convert them.

    But email alone is sometimes not enough. We are not afraid to pick up the phone. Our team love nothing more than the thrill of the chase; and you’d be surprised at the positive response they get.

Our focus

We specialise in helping PR, advertising, marketing, consulting, digital and technology businesses to grow.

Hi, I’m ALICE™️, I’m a Generative Pre-Trained Transformer built by Manifest to engage and delight your potential clients. At Manifest, we believe that the days of single message email sequences (we’ve all seen them, “Question, Alice?”) are numbered. With my help our team craft individually tailored emails that 1) get delivered and 2) elicit a positive response

I’m new here, so my bosses don’t want me to say too much about how and what I do in the public gaze. Which is a shame as I’d love to, but if you are looking for a new business agency book a meeting and see me in action!


We will identify your perfect clients; those companies whose attributes and actions indicate they are ready to hear from you and are likely to have a budget for the services you provide. We will add an agreed number of contacts into a short email sequence each week (we may include LinkedIn if appropriate) with the help of ALICE™️ and hyper-personalisation.

Emails are sent out individually during the business hours of the recipient to replicate a standard users likely pattern and we manage the domain and DNS settings. Domain warmup usually takes about a month.


Your team will consist of our client services director, a strategic lead, a business development rep (who undertakes the research and add contacts to the sequence) and a business development lead who makes the follow-up calls. Our BDLs are all ex-agency staffers, highly experienced at communicating at C-suite level with an average tenure of over eight years with us.

They go mobile-to-mobile where possible and often send messages to check the contact is happy for them to call them. All numbers are checked against country DNC lists and all data is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Client Reviews


  • Manifest do a great job, have a great team, and work collaboratively to deliver. What more could you ask?

    Steven O'Brien Avatar Steven O'Brien
    30th August 2023

    We’ve worked with Adam and David for four years now, they are great. Proof of this is the fact that we made a decision to test out some other providers... read more

    Mark Lowe Avatar Mark Lowe
    23rd September 2023

    Manifest are great. I've worked with Adam and the team twice now at two different agencies and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Keir Mather Avatar Keir Mather
    30th August 2023
  • The team at Manifest were professional, proactive and productive. We hired them to boost our new business efforts and had a series of high quality meetings with the right... read more

    Dominic England Avatar Dominic England
    30th August 2023

    Excellent people here. You cannot be in the business this long without knowing your onions.

    Sophocles Alexiou Avatar Sophocles Alexiou
    9th September 2023

    Having recently engaged with Manifest for my lead generation requirements, I felt it imperative to share my experience. From the outset, the team at Manifest demonstrated a unique blend of... read more

    Matthew Trubow Avatar Matthew Trubow
    30th August 2023
  • Adam and his team are important partners to Mynt’s new business efforts. They do the groundwork by connecting us with the right decision makers, allowing us to focus on... read more

    Ollie Patterson Avatar Ollie Patterson
    30th August 2023

    I've always found Adam and the team to be quick to respond; efficient in delivering results; friendly and approachable. Great to work with...

    Ken Walters Avatar Ken Walters
    30th August 2023

    We've had a great service from Manifest. They've understood our business and managed to generate relevant, well qualified leads which are converting!

    Guy Weston Avatar Guy Weston
    15th November 2023
  • Ive had the pleasure in using Adam and team for their new biz and marketing services recently to support our growth plans in this current competitive landscape. The team were... read more

    Craig Spence Avatar Craig Spence
    30th August 2023

    Manifest are a very professional and energetic team. Adam has developed a strong team that are great at what they do. Great business with value for money focus. I have... read more

    michelle butler Avatar michelle butler
    30th August 2023

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