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We love to do the thing our clients hate doing most and do it better than they ever imagined possible.

Our role as a new business agency is to unearth opportunities for our clients within the companies they want to work with and get them in front of the decision maker for their service .

The Manifest new business team are rightly recognised as the crème de la crème of agency new business lead generation and will tell your story with passion, eloquence and conviction

Our techniques are channel agnostic, disruptive and engaging. Our results astounding.

Our clients expect, and our team deliver, 100%.

  • an Experienced Team

    Our team have been with us for an average of eight years and when a new colleague joins they are partnered with a senior person who mentors them for the first year.

  • knowing who to target ...

    The data platform we use tells us which clients to target and when through the tracking of reviews, investment, new appointments and historical patterns.

  • ... HOW TO REACH THEM ...

    The LinkedIn plugin we use unearths the contact details of even the most difficult to reach CMO. Direct lines, email addresses and even mobile phone numbers.

  • ... and how to convert them.

    We use A.I. to analyse the profile of the decision maker; knowing their personality type enables us to match their style which results in more conversions.

When we start working together you may not be sure what you need because you don’t yet know your conversion rate or the quality of the opportunities we deliver. So we’ve made it easy for you. For the first two months we will provide you with the GOLD package but at a special rate of £1,500 per month. At the end of the first two months you can then decide which package to continue with. Or not. It’s completely up to you. No tie in. If you DO decide you want to continue then we work on a one-month notice period thereafter so you have total peace of mind.


First two months only


  • 35 hours prospecting
  • plus associated account management
  • 4 unique opportunities delivered per month


Our premium package


  • 35 Hours Prospecting
  • plus associated account management



The standard package


  • plus associated account management


Entry level package


  • plus associated account management


The above quoted number of opportunities are meant as a guide and no guarantee is given nor inferred because our clients and their propositions are all unique. By ‘opportunity’ we mean a meeting (either virtual or IRL)  with a decision maker in a company you have specifically told us is one you would like to work with and who has a budget for the service you provide.

If you feel you need more than our GOLD level provides please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Our focus

Delivering Targeted Opportunities.

We specialise in helping companies within the creative and marketing services industry win more clients by finding new business opportunities for them with the decision makers for their service within the companies they want to work with.

Only those companies and brands we have identified as being a good fit for your business and that you have agreed for us to target will be approached on your behalf.

The channels we use fall into three categories: Broadcast, Listening and Narrowcast.

Your PR, SEO, AdWords and social marketing, together with your reputation and networking, will drive prospects to your website. We would suggest using software to identify your anonymous website traffic. You may also want to undertake email campaigns to further drive inbound web traffic and we can help here with provision of data.


Our tech stack includes ALF Insight, Crunchbase as well as various LinkedIn plugins which when combined enable us to predict where there is likely to be a greater need for your service. Using this intelligence, we will tailor niche messages to each prospective new client to make every approach sound like the only one that matters to your agency.


What is the best and most appropriate channel to use to get your proposition and the niche message we have developed noticed by the prospect we are approaching? Some companies and marketing teams are best approached by email, others are more likely to warm to a personal telephone call and others a well written letter or social approach.

case studies

Here are a selection of recent new business wins our clients have had through Manifest
Team member
A PPC win for an agency based in Leeds, worth a five figure sum in fees and commission per year.

Won within one month of starting working with Manifest.
Team member
A large win for a content creation, production and distribution agency based in Farringdon.

Their third win in twelve months, total value of fees a mid six figure sum.
Team member
A five figure value video production win for a creative content production house based in Hoxton.

The agency had only been with Manifest for four months when they landed this client.
Team member
A good six figure fee shopper marketing project for this 90 strong activation agency based near Kings Cross.

This came from their first meeting set by Manifest, after two years and no wins with a competitor.
Team member
This PR agency won Zurich six months into their relationship with Manifest. Worth a good six figure sum p.a.

Zurich was their second win and they went on to win one more in their first year with us.
Team member
An initial project with a smallish fee level was the first win for this thirty strong PR agency based in Shoreditch.

They went on to win another two within the first year of the programme.
Team member
This agency based in Milton Keynes won a social media campaign for the musical instrument division of Yamaha.

#Platform88 was a huge success and generated enormous publicity off line as well as on.
Team member
A B2B advertising campaign win for this Milton Keynes based agency. The exact value was unknown.

The agency were delighted as this win took them into new territory which can be tricky.
Team member
A PR win for our client who has been recognised as one of the best newcomers by the PRCA.

A retained client with an annual budget of a the high five figure sum.
Team member
This Sheffield based creative agency attended eighteen meetings in six months and pitched for three clients.

This win had them up against two ‘name’ London agencies.
Team member
Our client, a creative and media agency based in Hampshire, won this retained work within six months of starting with Manifest.

The profit paid our fees for the next three years.
Team member
Our client, an advertising agency based in Southampton, specialised in the healthcare sectors.

This win was their third in the first year of working with Manifest.
Team member
Our client, one of the most respected PR agencies the UK, engaged Manifest from their inception.

This win was one of half a dozen in year one alone.
Team member
A PR agency specialising in consumer brands, our client wanted a whisky on it’s books.

We arranged for them to meet ten over a three week period and they duly converted one.
Team member
No public relations agency should be without a whisky client, especially if the MD is Scottish!

This win was valued in six figures and granted creative freedom to boot!
Team member
Procurement was the name of the game with this prospect. Tenacious charm and industry knowledge was a must.

It took a year, but it worth the effort to get onto this PR roster.
Team member
Our client is a well respected 80 strong advertising agency based in Leicester with a particular specialism in the self-build market.

This win was the first of three over a twelve month period.
Team member
Our midlands based B2B creative agency client was delighted with this six figure account.

Won within three weeks of first meeting, with no pitch.
Team member
Our client is a well respected 80 strong advertising agency based in Leicester with a particular specialism in the self-build market.

This win was the second of three over a twelve month period.
Team member
Our client is a PPC agency based in Chelmsford. They used us for six months but had to stop for personal reasons.

One year later they came back to us after winning their biggest client via our work.
Team member
Our client is a live events production agency based in central Manchester.

This win was after six months of working with Manifest.
Team member
The Surrey based creative and live events agency we got in to see this prospect won the client after a short pitch process.

An initial five figure project fee with more promised.
Team member
A packaging design agency, engaged Manifest with a brief to open up an existing client.

We have arranged for them to meet more than 100 brand managers and they have won more than £1m in new fees.
Team member
This Essex based creative agency has a particular specialism in building online configurators.

Who knew that a plane manufacturer might need one? Manifest, that’s who!


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