The Tactical Marriage of Inbound and Outbound

the tactical marriage of inbound and outbound

Some are quick off the mark to say that Outbound Marketing tactics are “getting out of date” and are rather “old school”, but we believe in the tactical marriage of inbound and outbound whereby outbound marketing is complemented with inbound marketing to enhance the overall strategy.

The current situation is that over the past 2 years, many businesses in the UK are starting to introduce inbound marketing as a part of their marketing strategy, but there are still plenty that aren’t quite ready to let go of the concept of outbound marketing. Well, why don’t you use both?

The use of Call-to-Actions (CTA) can be considered as the backbone of visual and text-based communications produced using inbound methodology that is distributed, or more precisely – amplified, through social media. Combine both of these methods for maximum results from the tactical marriage of inbound and outbound marketing.

We suggest to start using CTAs within your inbound strategy. For example, produce content in the form of articles that reveal your industry expertise and  is of interest to your target audience, but at the end include a CTA that leads to your website, or even better – a landing page.

With a combination of cold calls and email campaigns, you can reach a broader audience and therefore generate more exposure, new contacts and quality leads. By using the two powerful marketing methods, you are ultimately using outbound to broadcast your messages to a wider audience and then use inbound to make sure the audience takes the further action.