Kalarhythms and Interpersonal Style

agency presentation

Kalarhythms and Interpersonal Style were the focus of a website we came across the other day and we thought you might find it interesting. It takes us back to our “Spark and Torch” training!!

It explores how different personality types need to be sold to in different ways. Agency heads often ask me “what should we present?” or “should we submit a full proposal or just key points?” etc.

The answer to all of these is, of course, “It depends …” and this article explains WHY and what different types of people are most likely to want to see from an agency.

Kalarhythms and Interpersonal Style examines visible behaviour, it is not a psychological assessment. And the dynamic energies involved are those that are common to us all because we just use them differently based on our preferences.

It seems that we recapitulate underlying patterns that can be found in nature, the seasons, and even the stars. This enables us to construct models by which we can identify types of behaviour and learn how they work with each other because understanding the basics is a powerful tool for effective interaction with others.

The Hex Model

… developed by K. David Katzmire, is an expansion of existing four-styles models to introduce two Interpersonal styles, the Facilitator and the Organizer. Designed to fill what this author perceives as missing parts of the puzzle, it completes the identification of Physical, Emotional and Intellectual energy patterns and their combinations to define six discernable styles of behaviour.

This is not to suggest, of course, that the existing four-style models are anything less than excellent and useful, it is only intended as an enhancement. Consequently, The Hex Model is more complex, but it is more telling. The six-style Hex model identifies Styles, old and new, as:

Driver Expressive Analytical Facilitator Organizer &  Amiable