Spark and Torch for Agency New Business

Spark and Torch for Agency New Business

Spark and Torch for agency new business has been gaining ground for many years now and is seen as the most powerful methodology used by the most progressive agencies in the world. It was devised by Sanders Consulting in the US. Here is how it works. 


  • The Company has been identified as one that you can easily see yourself as having the capabilities to work with, they are in ‘The Goldilocks Zone’ and the geographical fit is a match if this is important.


  • Your ‘Spark’ has identified and made contact with, the decision maker for your product or service within your Suspect companies. Their activities are aided and supported by marketing and PR to warm prospects to their approaches.


  • A ‘Marketing Qualified Lead’ is a Prospect who has the Means Authority and Need to buy your service and has agreed to meet you. No more and no less. They do NOT need to have an identified project or review imminent. This is VERY important because otherwise you will miss 75% of opportunities.


  • Your ‘Torch’ will meet with the MQL and define whether it is a ‘Sales Qualified Lead’ and if so then nurture them using their skills to move the lead along to the stage where an opportunity is identified.


  • Once an opportunity to pitch or submit a proposal has been found your Torch should get the rest of the agency pitch team involved and manage the pitch process, gradually diminishing their importance in the eyes of the client so they come to rely upon the person from the agency who will lead the business once won.

Spark and Torch

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