Agency Positioning and Proposition Development

Agency Positioning

Agency positioning and proposition development has been a key part of our offering ever since we set Manifest up.

As a leading new business agency, we have been helping agencies of all shapes and sizes to articulate their agency positioning and proposition in a compelling and differentiating way.

One thing we have learned about agency positioning and proposition development is that quite often agencies just don’t understand their brand well enough, sure, they can say what they do and why they think they are different, but they sometimes suffer from cobblers children syndrome; and when this happens we sometimes need to get back to basics.

So how do you want your agency to be perceived? are you a creative hotshop a caring, eco friendly people loving commune, a powerhouse driving sales or a sage showing the path to true enlightenment? just as importantly, what about your competitors? if you’re in the same space it can get very crowded.

Find yourself in the appropriate league table (or if you’re not in there, identify where you would be in you were) and take the five others above you and below you who you most often come up against or whom you know are targeting the same market. Try placing yourselves and your competitors into a Jungian Archetype such as the one below.

Do you stand out from the crowd? if not, what space is available and if you were to take it and defend it would it be a good space to own?