The Benefits of Jargon-Free Value Propositions

value proposition

The benefits of jargon-free value propositions are that value propositions are, by definition, designed to frame your services and offerings in such a way that they clearly convey:

  1. How they solve clients’ business problems.
  2. The specific value and benefits they offer.
  3. Their superiority in comparison to alternatives and competitors: differentiation.

Therefore, to deliver a proposition that is going to entice and maintain the interest of your clients, clarity is absolutely vital and a major impediment to this is jargon.

Jargon is comprised of particular words and expressions used by members of a particular group or profession that tend to only make sense within a specific context. Given this definition, it is no surprise that jargon can act to actively disengage audiences if used too frequently or with those who are not familiar.

Use The Right Language

Whilst sometimes the use of jargon and certain acronyms can be justified or even beneficial, there is little  space for jargon in your value proposition, a statement centred on succinctly summarising the benefits you you offer your clients.

Ridding your proposition of jargon however, should not be confused with omitting necessary technical terms relevant to your clients. Remember, your value proposition still needs to be written in the language of your clients, in terms that convey the value you add in the simplest terms; terms that resonate. The best way to do this is through clear, succinct language – to help you achieve this and craft a compelling, jargon free proposition, we’ve outlined some questions you can use to assess your own propositions:

  • Can your proposition be read and understood within 5 seconds?
  • Can your proposition be misinterpreted?
  • Does it communicate the concrete result you offer clients?

As with most things within the realm of business, less is more – your job is to make prospects aware of what you’ve done for past clients and what you can do for them in as few words as possible; the sooner they are clear on this, the sooner they’ll move through your sales slide toward purchasing your services.

The use of ambiguous descriptors, jargon and generally more words than are necessary are all common pitfalls inherent in many businesses’ value propositions, to help you steer clear of these and craft a proposition that does your business justice and attracts new clients, download our infographic by clicking below.