Use Means, Authority, Need to Identify Your Client Needs

Use Means, Authority, Need

Exploring and defining your potential client’s needs before even beginning the sales process, is critical to a smooth and efficient on-going relationship management which is why you need to use Means, Authority, Need to identify your client needs. Moreover, it becomes invaluable once the deal has been made and it’s time to deliver on both party’s terms and conditions.

In this blog, we touch upon the main areas that you should pay attention to when beginning to explore the client’s needs.

Learn about the client industry’s issues

The macro-environment your client’s business operates within consist of various external forces that need to be taken into account. In the vast majority of cases, it’s something that one industry player can’t control, so solutions need to be catered to the particular kind of issues that arise from this environment.

Consider political, economic and legal factors as well as social, environmental and technological forces that influence the business operations. Our advice is – be proactive and demonstrate to the client that it is not only about the current situation, but the future twists and turns.

Learn about the competitive environment

The competitive environment doesn’t consist only of direct and indirect competitors. In addition to that, have a look at the threat of substitutes and new entrants as well as the power of buyers and suppliers. All of these forces will shape your client’s needs, for example, to create stronger, more differentiated brand communications.

Learn about your clients’ challenges

Once the above external forces have been looked at, pay closer attention to your client’s internal processes. What are their internal strengths and weaknesses? By keeping an eye on the weak spots and embracing the strengths, it will be easier to identify your clients needs, especially if you take into account the external environment analysis as well.  Are there any opportunities there that would serve as great growth opportunities for them? Similarly, are there any threats?

This method has been tried and tested by experts over decades and has proven to deliver structured analysis. Use Means, Authority, Need to identify your client needs.

Moreover, use the findings to learn how to improve your value proposition that converts prospects into clients and does your brand justice, click the button below to access our infographic: “Is your proposition M.A.N. enough? Means, Authority, Need”.