What is your ideal customer profile?

What business sector are they in, what is their budget and what other firmographics would be useful? We would build you a bespoke prospect list of customers you would LOVE to work with!

Sounds simple, but to do this properly we invest more than £50,000 annually in our tech stack to ensure that our team are focussed on prospecting to the right people in the right companies and not undertaking unnecessary research.

Onboarding: getting to know you.

Who are you? What do you do that's different or better than everyone else? Why should prospects engage with you? We'll ask the difficult questions because we need the answers!

We may need to spend a day with you to get all the systems set up. This could entail having access to your DNS settings. We may need to write email and LinkedIn sequences with you and take some photos for the dynamic imagery and get everything ready to roll!

We may also need to develop a stand alone landing page with a link through to your website. It all depends on which route is the best route for you specifically.

New business development outreach..

There are many different ways that we can work and the best way will depend upon your specific situation.

For some clients, the right solution is pure ‘route one’; build a list of perfect fit prospects and just cold call them to arrange a meeting. This is probably the best route if you have quite a small number of prospective clients.

If you have thousands of prospect companies then we would recommend a more integrated approach, using LinkedIn, hyper-personalisation, dynamic imagery and landing pages.

Not every client wants us to speak to their prospects via telephone and for these clients we offer our Rocket package, which delivers leads for their in-house team to follow-up.

Reporting daily, weekly and monthly..

On a daily basis you will be kept up to date with progress with a dedicated Slack channel. You will have a weekly progress call with your account manager and a monthly report.

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