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Digital Lead Generation Manager

Great Pay

£36k with min. two years experience (both + c. £12k bonus).

Manifest is a B2B lead generation agency specialising in (but not restricted to) working with creative agencies; think digital transformation, PR, advertising, content, branding and design agencies and you won’t go far wrong.

Fantastic Place

Chiswick, West London, easy to get to by plane train or automobile, fun and thriving.

We are located in the thriving community of Chiswick known for its charming restaurants and local shops, bustling bars, pubs, comedy clubs and live music venues. The office is located in a Workspace business centre with other like-minded businesses.

A Role to Grow With 

We are looking for experienced digital experts to help us grow!

Manifest is a leading new business lead generation agency working in the B2B space. We use cutting edge technology to provide our clients with a never ending flow of MQLs and new business meetings. We're on a growth curve; want to join in?

What does a Digital Lead Generation Manager DO at Manifest?

The role involves no cold calling whatsoever, but you may be expected to chip in with screening calls to your client’s contacts if there is no BDR available to help out towards the end of the month.

Although not a sales role, this role is 100% focussed on making sure that your marketing activities result in marketing qualified leads and new business meetings booked for your clients.

What do you need to succeed here?

·       Able to work from Chiswick, West London.

·       Very hard working with a fastidious attention to detail verging on the obsessive.

·       Perfect written English and grammar.

·       Copywriting skills, possibly from a PR, advertising, or marketing background.

·       Highly personable and adept at communicating with the most senior CEOs in the creative industries, some of whom have somewhat larger than life egos!

·       A willingness to roll-up their sleeves and muck in to make sure targets are hit.

Once you apply we will send you through a full job description.

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