new business prospecting KPIs

New Business Prospecting KPIs

Knowing your new business prospecting KPIs is an absolute MUST for anyone who manages a new business team or individual business development manager. See a related post HERE on the four cornerstones of sales. This has never been truer than when your team are working remotely; they may tell you that it is not possible[…]

time running out

The Agency Client Relationship

The agency client relationship typically lasts about eighteen months, that’s from initial romancing through to the inevitable breakup. The stages and approximate lengths of time are shown on the graphic wheel below. From an agency new business person’s perspective it is essential to understand these phases and the opportunities (or lack of them) that they[…]

Trust Building

Building Trust for Business Development

Building trust for business development is essential since a lack of trust can prevent you from warming up your leads. A potentially fatal consequence that will likely lead to a deterioration of the business relationship, hindering it from progressing positively which is why building trust is so important for agency new business. Fortunately, there are[…]