Authentic Interaction for Agency Growth

New business agency

In the ever-competitive landscape of agency growth, the distinction between thriving and merely surviving often hinges on the quality of business development strategies. Amidst the digital evolution, the human touch in agency business development remains irreplaceably vital. This article delves into why agencies should prioritise using a new business agency that employs ex-agency professionals as their business development leads (or managers) over less experienced cold-callers or eager graduates and second jobbers.

The Unmatched Value of Experience

The agency sector thrives on relationships, understanding, and trust. Ex-agency professionals bring a depth of industry knowledge, a nuanced understanding of client needs, and a network of valuable contacts. Their experience equips them with the foresight to anticipate client concerns, craft tailored proposals, and navigate complex negotiations with ease.

Relationship Building: The Core of Business Development

The essence of effective business development in an agency setting is the ability to build and nurture relationships. Ex-agency professionals, with their seasoned communication skills and industry acumen, are adept at creating and maintaining strong client relationships.

The Strategic Advantage of Industry Insight

Using a new business agency that employs ex-agency professionals offers an agency a strategic advantage. These individuals not only understand the nuances of the agency business but also bring insights from their past roles, which can inform more effective business development strategies.


For an agency aiming to distinguish itself in a saturated market, the human touch in business development cannot be overlooked. Leveraging the experience, relationships, and strategic insights of a new business agency that employs ex-agency professionals can significantly enhance an agency’s business development efforts.


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