The Problem With New Business …

The problem with new business

I read a post on LinkedIn today about the problem with new business for agency founders; it went something like this.

I spend weeks sitting down with my business coaches and deciding which companies and brands we want to work with. I then spend weeks brainstorming compelling propositions that are absolutely spot on for these potential clients. We research research research and then spend thousands of pounds worth of our teams time (ed. surely this is an opportunity cost and not a REAL cost?) designing a brilliant proposal to solve what I think their problems are.

After this we further research the company to find out who the decision makers are and then have our beautifully designed proposal send to them by registered delivery to make sure it gets their safely.

And then nothing; they don’t respond to calls, don’t reply to emails NOTHING. Until finally after a couple of weeks of persistence I eventually get a reply!!

“Please delete me from your database”

How absolutely AWFUL! Don’t they understand how much time this all took? They’re awful people …

WELL BOO HOO YOU is all I can say.

That’s not THEIR problem. The problem with new business is YOU, not them and certainly not new business.

Stop trying so bloody hard. How about this.

Firstly consider what are the pain points you typically satisfy for your clients. List three of the most common.

Next, consider the whole market. What sectors are most likely to have similar problems. Next, what marketing budgets would they need to have to be in your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and are there any other demographics likely to make them a good fit.

Once you have all this use your tech stack to find those companies that fit this ICP that have been researching your service on the internet in the last month. Yes, this IS possible.

Next contact the decision maker for your service in the company and tell them you’re interested in their business and that you typically solve pain point a), b) and often c) and ask them if any of these issues are affecting them at the moment.

Qualify or disqualify. Arrange a Zoom call with them. Talk to them and demonstrate that you can solve this problem, tell them how much it would likely cost.

Now close the deal.

The problem with new business is that most agencies go about it the wrong way, always talking about themselves and not the client.