Agency Business Development Training

one more thing

I just finished an agency business development training session about the Columbo moment. You may know the TV detective from the 1970s? No, worth a look up. At the end of every episode he’d look as though the suspect had outsmarted him, he’d turn his back to leave the building but then as he got to the door would stop, slowly turn around and say …

“Just one more thing …” and would stump them with his brilliance.

Firstly, understand this. When speaking to a prospect and trying to get them to agree to meet with you, there is a battle of wills going on. In my opinion, if the person is the decision maker and they already use an agency like yours – they are worth meeting. That’s the first thing to remember from your agency business development training.

They, conversely, are busy and may not necessarily be reviewing so are wary of committing time.

If you start asking them qualification questions like “are you reviewing” or “are you happy with your incumbent” they will jump on these as a way to put you off meeting them. So don’t ask them. YET.

Get a meeting in the diary and then, just before you say goodbye …

“Just one more thing …  to help me tailor the meeting towards your specific needs, could you tell me a little bit about what you are looking to achieve over the next six months or so?”

As the battle is already over you will get loads more information than had you asked before getting the date. It’s a psychological thing, the battle of wills is over and you have won, so your ‘opponent’ is no longer an opponent but a collaborator wanting to make the most use of their time.

“Well, as you’re coming in anyway why don’t I send you the brief we gave to our agency a couple of months ago. I’d like to hear your thoughts on what YOU would do if it had been you.”

Now THAT’S an opportunity and that’s why agency business development training is so worthwhile.