Selling to the Sellers

selling to the sellers

Selling to the sellers at business exhibitions shows a lack of empathy and is counterproductive.

We have lost count of the number of times clients have said “we’re going to XXXX, here is a list of the exhibitors, can you arrange for me to meet with them whilst we’re there so we can pitch to them?” (or words to the same effect).

No no no no no!

Don’t even TRY it.

The exhibitors have spent thousands if not tens of thousands (or even more) on their space and their stand. They are there to sell TO the visitors and do NOT want to be sold TO. Even if they agree to meet you when you are there (which they usually do, giving the person who arranged the meeting a nice glow and a temporary spotlight to bow in) when you show up at the allotted time don’t be at all surprised if they are now too busy to speak to you.

A much better use of your and their time is to take a different approach. Try this.

Call prior to the exhibition and find out if the person you need to sell to is going to be there and make a note of their name. selling to the sellers

On exhibition day, go to their stand, VERY briefly introduce yourself and give them your card. Tell them that you’d like to speak with them once the exhibition is over and they are back in the office and ask them for their card. That evening, connect with them on LinkedIn, thanking them for their time and reiterating your desire to speak with them again once they are back at their day job.

Leave it a week and then call them. selling to the sellers

You’ll get a much warmer reception and a face-to-face meeting with them at a time when they will actually listen to what you have to offer.