A Well Written Letter For Agency Business Development

a well written letter for agency business development

I was reminded on the importance of a well written letter for agency business development was earlier. I was dropping my son off at school this morning as he was off on a bushcraft course – three days camping by the sea in Dorset, canoeing, rock climbing, survival etc. Sounds great fun! I got talking to the headmaster about the company that was running the course and how he had found them.

He told me that several years ago they had written to him; a hand written, two page letter, describing what they did and how they thought they’d be the perfect fit for the school.

They had done their research and knew the ethos of the school. They referred to this and how they could fit in because of their own ethos.

He was so impressed that they had gone to so much trouble he called them and the rest is history. In this day of blogging, social media, email marketing and marketing automation it is important to remember to choose the right tool for the right job. Yes, you are reading this on our blog and may well have been pointed here by a social post or an email, maybe even through SEO, but that doesn’t mean this is always the best approach or the only approach we take.

Similarly for our clients, if we are trying to reach a CMO of a large corporate, we would choose the right approach. What do you think would get her attention? A tweet? a “like” of her brands Facebook page? Email?

Or a personalised, hand topped and tailed letter in a crisp discreetly branded DL envelope with a real life stamp on it, referring to a recent article in the press you have read about her brand and how you think your agency may be able to help her, with the call to action being simply to give you five minutes of her time on the telephone.