Three Reasons Prospects Won’t Engage

three reasons prospects won't engage

There you are, with a really great offering and yet no-one will even give you the time of day. Why is that? What are the three reasons prospects won’t engage?

Well, the usual reason is one of the following:

  1. Your timing sucks
  2. Your proposition isn’t different enough
  3. You are simply employing the wrong outreach techniques for that particular person

So let’s look at these three reasons prospects won’t engage engage in more detail.

  1. If your timing is wrong why is that and what can you do to improve it? Well, the main reason people start looking around for a new agency is because they have just taken on a new role. In fact 70% of marketing directors say that reviewing the incumbent agency is the first thing they do in a new position. And it’s not JUST marketing directors either. Every decision maker does the same thing. So you can either keep your eye on the press or do as Manifest has done and develop a way to get this information before anyone else does.
  2. If your proposition isn’t up to scratch then get some help with it. Too many agencies just don’t put enough effort into it or concentrate on the chemical factors rather than the hygiene factors, which is an easy mistake to make.
  3. Every person responds to a different outreach tool and there are many at your disposal. Telephone, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook even. The key thing is to not have a “method”, but to have an “armoury” and to assess each individual as just that and choose your weapon carefully. Choose the wrong one and you may well blow the opportunity.

Here is a link to a page with more suggestions.

Good hunting! Three reasons prospects won’t engage shouldn’t be a problem now 🙂

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