The First 100 Days Tenure Of A CMO

The first 100 days tenure

The first 100 days tenure of a CMO are so important for agency new business. According to research conducted by ICM on behalf of Oxford Strategic Marketing and Hunter Miller, where they interviewed 75 of the UK’s leading Marketing Directors, 70% either agreed or Strongly Agreed that they consider changing agencies to be one of the first things they do when taking up a new position. We’ve certainly all been there and got THAT T-Shirt haven’t we?

Our anecdotal evidence over the last 20 odd years certainly verifies this, which is why getting this information is ESSENTIAL and not all of it is reported in the press of course, especially not new appointments in sensitive business sectors or some of the mid tier and challenger brands our clients are interested in.

Yes, the first 100 days tenure are definitely the time to approach the CMO and one of the best tools we have found is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Set up a Leads filter with the geography, industry sector, head count and job titles you are looking for. It will then build you a list of all the people who fit the profile, with two secondary tabs. One is for those who have moved roles in the last 90 days. This is your hunting ground for short term ‘immediate need’ prospecting. The second tab is also interesting as it is for those who have been most actively posting on LinkedIn and shows their feeds. This is a great way to start building relationships with them through commenting, agreeing with and challenging their thoughts.

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