The Website for Agency New Business Is Essential

website for agency new business is essential

We all know that the website for agency new business is essential. So why is it that so many agency websites are as bad as they are? I’m not saying they’re all bad and I’m not saying that our own is perfect, but some are really, VERY poor indeed, with almost as many still ‘under construction’ due to being ‘so busy with client business’ or some other feeble excuse.

When will these agencies get it? Do they honestly not think it important? Do they believe (as many have told me) that the less they show the better because that way clients will have to ask them in to find out more?

Ponder the following scenarios.

1) Client has agreed to meet with a new agency to find out more about them. The client is considering reviewing the incumbent but has not let on yet because she wants to meet with half a dozen or so before deciding whether to definitely review and if so then who to include in the process. Now, what would YOU do, if you were HER, fifteen minutes before the meeting is due to commence? I know what I do when checking out potential new suppliers. I go to their website to remind myself of why I agreed to meet them and to see if there is anything there that I will need further clarification on. She finds a landing page. Not a good start really is it?

2) Client (or Intermediary) has met with various agencies and now want to whittle that list of six down to three to pitch. To refresh their memories they go to the agency website – ditto. holding page. What do you expect them to do? Call you up and ask you to re-send over some more case studies? It won’t happen …

3) Client is unhappy with their incumbent, they do their desk research, look through Campaign Top 300 list, ask their peers and then pull together a list of twelve agencies to do some due diligence on before inviting six in for chemistry meetings before deciding which three to invite to pitch. Your agency is one of the twelve. She goes to your website and finds that same holding page. Do you think she will give you the benefit of the doubt or do you think she will now choose her six from the eleven who have made her life easier?

So, if you have a holding page. Take it down – replace it with a blog if necessary. Just get some content online.

If you have a website, take a look at those of your competitors and ask yourself whether you come up to scratch. If the answer is no, do something about it. The agency website is now first port of call for most reviews; if you fail here, you make life very hard for yourself.

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